On Campus Student Employment -

MARCH 30, 2020 UPDATE: 

Students must remain in .5 units to remain employed as an On Campus Student Employee during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place. Due to the potential cancelling of classes and the instability of the current climate, we hope this will add some stability for our student population. 

An additional FORMSTACK was sent today to supervisors with questions about your student employee needs. Please complete as soon as possible in order to ensure we are able to meet the needs of all students, departments, and the district. If you did not receive the email with the link, please contact Jamie Longnecker at JLongnecker@santarosa.edu

MARCH 25, 2020 UPDATE:

On Campus Supervisors: you received information in your inboxes on 3/24/2020 regarding the most recent On Campus Student Employment updates. Please direct any questions to Jamie Longnecker via email at JLongnecker@santarosa.edu. Updates to this will come to supervisor emails as soon as any changes are communicated directly to our office.

On Campus Student Employees: Please contact your direct supervisor to discuss your schedule and moving forward in your position. If you choose to leave your position for any reason, please contact your supervisor immediately. Also, please be aware in order to maintain working on campus, you must continue to meet minimum qualifications to do so (which have currently been reduced to .5 units).

Applicants and/or Supervisors requesting positions: If you are submitting your application / request for job posting beginning March 13, 2020 your application / job posting will not be approved until staff has returned from closures due to the Corona Virus Prevention Measures put into place by the State of California. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were received. 





Students cannot begin working until they have been fully cleared to do so. This includes: approval of the eligibility application, applying and being offered a position on Jobspeaker, completing, returning and having approval completed. You will know your student employee is cleared to begin working when their status is updated to HIRED in Jobspeaker. 

This process for students can take up to two weeks (three for International Students) so please plan ahead. 



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