Mentorship Program

FIND A MENTOR TODAY! Choose a mentor based on their profile match with your interests. Set up a time to talk on the phone or meet over coffee. If you feel it is a good match, discuss the possibility of continuing the mentoring relationship and meet once a month or more. It is up to you to take the initiative that will help guide your career.

Do you have college or career questions? Get help from an SRJC Mentor!

  • "What major or certificate should I pursue?”
  • “What does a career path in this field look like?”
  • “Is a job in this industry right for me?”
  • “How important is graduate school to my career success?"

Do you have questions like these and wish you had someone to talk to about them? Connect with a mentor in SRJC’s Mentoring Program and find the answers!

The SRJC Mentoring Program is a self-selection process. SRJC students can connect with alumni and community members to answer questions about majors, careers, transfer, life challenges and more.

With over 125 volunteers from various backgrounds and in different stages of their careers, mentors have valuable knowledge to share with you.

1. Log in to your Jobspeaker Account

2. Select "Mentors" in your account navigation menu

3. Review "Mentor Profiles"

4. Contact your selected Mentor through Jobspeaker email



The mentorship program is sponsored by the Alumni Association. Contact them to learn more about the mentorship program. 

The SRJC Foundation office is located on the west edge of SRJC's Santa Rosa campus in Analy Village (Building E) off Scholars Drive and Armory Drive.
The physical location is #6 on the SRJC Santa Rosa Campus Map.

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