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Work Experience Internship courses offer job readiness preparation; job seeking and coaching; application, resume, and interviewing instruction; and screening. Upon placement, the student begins supervised employment that extends classroom learning into the work environment. Students eligible for internships will have declared a major, have completed courses in their major or have acquired a high level of skill in their discipline, and are ready for on-the-job experience in a paid or unpaid position. Students will acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare for a career in their chosen field. THIS IS A GRADED COURSE.

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EMPLOYERS: Post Your INTERNSHIP Opportunities!

Students are currently meeting with the internship coordinator to discuss internships. Post your internship opportunity on the job board.  Be sure to state:

  • Job requirements
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Paid or unpaid internship (for-profit companies may list paid positions only)
  • How to apply

Employer Guide to Developing an Internship

To post an internship opportunity on the SRJC job board, click on the icon below:

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