Community Involvement Resource Guide

Did you know you can volunteer at local nonprofits and earn units while you do it?  Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and learn those important employability skills.  


Community Involvement is...
  • A self-directed student volunteer program designed to facilitate experiential learning and service to the community.
  • Students work 50 hours per unit per semester for 0.5-3.0 units of credit
  • At a variety of placements including schools, animal-care facilities, recreation programs, day care centers, and various social service agencies.


How to Use the Resource Guide

Step 1:

Think about how you would like to volunteer.  Consider your interests, how you like to spend your time and where you like to help.

Step 2:

Look through this guide by clicking on the links below and find volunteer jobs that match your interest and needs.  Read the descriptions of the volunteer opportunities available, and identify which ones sound interesting to you.  Remember that this guide is just a guide and there are multitude of additional opportunities throughout the area.  

Step 3:

Call the organization directly and ask to speak to the contact person listed (if there is one) or the volunteer coordinator.  

Step 4: 

Set up an appointment to visit the organization.  Visiting the organization will give you a real feel for what it would be like to work there.  The coordinator at the organization may want to interview you before you start. .

Step 5: 

Make a commitment and go for it or start the process over again until you find a good fit for you.  

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Organizations listed by type of work.