For Students who are no longer working due to the Covid-19 pandemic & taking Work Experience classes:  
We are waiting to receive guidance from the CA Chancellor’s Office on Work Experience guidelines in the coming weeks. We encourage you to hold tight and not reduce units for now until we have more answers. 
We understand this is an uneasy time and you have many questions. We will have answers that are more definitive in the coming weeks.  We are keeping your needs and the fairness of all students as our highest priority when making decisions in these highly unusual circumstances.
If you choose to drop (which we encourage you not to do yet), your financial aid will not be affected for this semester and full refunds are being granted.  You must petition to drop through your student portal.  
Please continue to stay in contact with your assigned instructor with specific questions.  Stay safe.  



In Work Experience the classroom comes to you and you access your assignments online via Canvas. You will earn units based on the number of hours you work or volunteer during the semester and your grade is determined through graded coursework throughout the semester. Please contact our office to ask if Work Experience is right for you.

Students learn to apply 21st century skills, also known as "soft skills," in a work environment. Soft skills include teamwork, effective communication, time management, adaptability, and problem solving. The skills you learn in a Work Experience course will help you to become the kind of employee employers want to hire, retain, and promote.  A recent survey of students who took a Work Experience course determined 93% said the course was "beneficial," and 62% said it contributed to their receiving increased job responsibilities, higher salary or a promotion.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Work Experience students are assigned an instructor who provides one-on-one instruction, meeting with you and your supervisor at your job site near the beginning and end of each semester.  You will develop learning objectives in collaboration with your job supervisor.  Your Assigned Instructor will be available to answer any questions that you may have and will support your success throughout the semester.  

Benefits to enrolling in Work Experience:

  • Improve your effectiveness in the workplace
  • Learn the skills that will support advancement in your career
  • Connect your classroom learning to your career by applying the skills you have learned
  • Apply goal-setting techniques to achieve greater success both professionally and personally
  • Earn college credit toward a certificate, degree, or to transfer
  • Meet full-time student status for financial and other aid







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